Commercial Leasing Specifications

All retail and office space in the complex can be modified depending on a tenant’s needs and the remaining availability of space. The total leaseable square footage of the complex is 92,000 square feet. The building has the following specifications:

Structure: Masonry exterior walls with steel frame and glass storefront.

Roof Construction: Either a rubber tarp or a small standing seam metal roofing over rigid insulation on metal decking on open web steel joists.

Floor Construction: First floor - concrete slab on grade. Upper floors - concrete slab on metal decking on open web steel joists. All floors are designed for live loads of 100 lbs. per square foot.

Ceiling Construction: Standard ceiling grid and panels to be provided by Landlord. Ceiling height to underside of steel joists is 11 feet. Ceiling height to underside of mechanical ducts varies from a minimum of 9 feet. Suspended ceiling is 10 feet maximum above the floor.

Retail Storefront: Exterior storefront windows are aluminum frames with 1" insulated clear glazing and high performance paint finish. Interior storefronts are aluminum frame with a high performance paint finish.

Windows: Non-operable anodized aluminum frames with 1" insulated glazing.

Demising Partition Construction: Demising walls consisting of masonry concrete block or 5/8" gypsum board on metal studs with acoustical insulation. All gypsum board is taped and sanded.

Lighting: Standard Fluorescent lighting to be provided by Landlord.

Parking: Due to the Special Use District (SUD) Agreement, all parking lots of adjoining neighbors must be connected and therefore ample parking is provided in excess of the minimum requirement.

Service Entry: There will be no dedicated service entry. Service will be by tenants storefront, or the Galleria main entrance.

Exterior Tenant Building Signage: Exterior Building Signage will be allowed for the first floor tenants. Tenant will be required to conform to a signage code specifying size, location, and allowable materials and will be provided by the tenant.

Refuse Disposal: A trash container will be provided by the Landlord and located at the far side of the parking lot. Tenants will be responsible for removing trash from the building and placing it in the container.

Utilities: Utilities will be metered separately to each tenant where possible.


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